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Wildlife Removal Photo Album: Cleaned, Sanitized, and Deodorized Attic, With its New Insulation in Princeton, NJ

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These homeowners in Princeton, NJ, had a heavy bat infestation in their attic, apparently for quite some time. After one of our nuisance wildlife crews removed the bats and sealed their entry point, a Cowleys contractor crew was brought in to deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, as often happens, whenever wildlife, especially bats, raccoons, or squirrels, take up residence in the attic they leave quite a mess. Bats, for example, produce a significant amount of guano that they deposit everywhere. After the wildlife is gone, what’s left poses a genuine health hazard for the home’s occupants. After bat guano dries, microscopic particles can become airborne circulating throughout the home, and it is especially dangerous to be in small, enclosed areas with bat droppings (or, for that matter, any bird or wildlife droppings). Bat guano can transmit histoplasmosis and other chronic, potentially lethal, diseases. Invariably, an attic bat infestation will contaminate the insulation. 



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