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Wildlife Removal - Full sanitizing and deodorizing of this basement.

Full sanitizing and deodorizing of this basement.
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A Cowleys nuisance wildlife technician successfully trapped and relocated the trespassing raccoon. However, as often happens with wildlife infestations, the raccoon left a toxic mess of droppings and urine behind. When animals droppings are dried out and disturbed, airborne particles can be released and travel on air currents throughout the home creating a serious health hazard for the home's occupants. Also, the smells of animal wastes are not only unpleasant for those living in the home, they are also an attractant for other wildlife to come in and "join the party." The residue left by wildlife in a home must be be cleaned up, and the cleaning needs to be done safely with proper protective equipment. Cleaning up animal waste in an enclosed area is not a weekend DIY project. Cowleys has a specialized group of technicians who are trained and have the equipment to safely clean up this biohazard.