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Wildlife Removal - Amazing Squirrel trap set up in Roosevelt

Amazing Squirrel trap set up in Roosevelt
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I also placed three traps right next to the exclusion where I hope to trap and remove the critters from the area, so they do not try to reenter once everything is sealed up. When we are done and the wildlife has been removed, I'll patch off the access with a piece of aluminum trim coil to prevent any further wildlife intrusions. However, this is only a stop-gap measure to stop wildlife. It will not protect the roof from the outdoor elements. I informed the homeowner that he will need to have this roof repaired properly in order to permanently avoid future damages from wildlife or weather. I'm confident that if this roof had been fixed properly the first time around, then this home owner would not have had to pay for trapping the wildlife or for fixing the roof a second time. Hopefully, this time around, the roof repair will be done right.