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Wildlife Removal - Easy squirrel access in Roosevelt, New Jersey

Easy squirrel access in Roosevelt, New Jersey
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While inspecting this home's exterior,  I noticed that a section of the peak of the roof had a deformity . After a closer look, I noticed that a section of the roof tiles had been replaced, but the foam used for the ridge vent was not! As a result, the barrier between the outside and the attic's interior was a thin layer of roofing tile and the plywood roof itself. Squirrels are masters at finding the path of least resistance or the weakest link (or whatever else you want to call it) in order to weasel their way inside your attic. For a squirrel's razor-sharp teeth and claws, it was quite easy for them to gain attic access in this home where the ridge vent was not installed properly. They made light work of the tile, going through it like butter, and when they got to the plywood roof underneath it, because there was no protective foam, the wood was soft and water-damaged. This is the type of situation where homeowners are asking for trouble. It is highly unusual for squirrels or other wildlife to try to bore their way through healthy, sturdy building materials. Wildlife intrusion problems are often an unwanted byproduct of some needed home repair.