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Wildlife Removal - Permanent exclusion of Squirrels in Cliffwood, New Jersey

Permanent exclusion of Squirrels in Cliffwood, New Jersey
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At the first site check, tape that I placed over the exclusion was not disturbed, further indicating that there there were no squirrels still in the attic. You don't want to make any exclusions permanent until you are positive that all of the wildlife is out of the house. No squirrels were caught in the traps, so I spruced up the bait with some liquid peanuts. I also made sure all traps were set and the exclusion was not moved, and there were no signs of any animals trying to get around it. On my second site check, there was a pick-up - a squirrel was caught in the trap. I safely relocated the animal to a location far away from the home, and reset the traps. I wanted to be positive that there were no more squirrels hanging around the roof looking to get inside the home. The exclusion was still not disturbed, so I was even more confident that there was no wildlife inside the attic. On my third site check, there were no trapped squirrels, and no further signs of wildlife activity. The exclusion was still not disturbed. This time, with no signs of any wildlife activity in the attic or on the roof, I pulled the one-way exclusion and the traps. I made the temporary one-way exclusion permanent by covering the access with aluminum trim coil, and I filled all of the screw holes with silicone (photo 4). Finally, I recommended to the homeowner that the vinyl gutter guards be replaced with metal ones that would not be tempting for wildlife. After seeing the damage to the vinyl guard, the homeowner stated that he was going to replace of his gutters this coming spring. The homeowner was pleased with our methodical approach for eliminating squirrels from his attic. The outcome of this wildlife job could not have been any better.