Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Squirrels Get in Attic Vent in Titusville, NJ

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A property manager in Titusville, NJ called our office because one of their tenants was hearing noises in their attic. When we arrived, we immediately noticed a group of trees touching the roof edge. This allows nuisance wildlife to have easy access to the roof, which can lead to squirrels, raccoons, etc getting into attics and chimneys. As we inspected the roof, we found an attic vent missing its cover and squirrel prints leading up to the area.


We temporarily enclosed the area off with hardware cloth and attached a one-way device to it. A one-way allows the squirrels to safely exit the area but prevents them from getting back in. We also set up several baited devices nearby. Once all the squirrels are safely removed from the home, we will relocate to a new, humane location, disinfect the area, and install a new, sturdy vent guard over the main access point.

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