Raccoon Slide Under the Attic Fan in Sayreville, NJ

Recently, we were sent out to a home in Sayreville, NJ to handle a potential infestation of raccoons in the attic. As we started inspecting the property, we noticed that the attic fan was damaged. We took a closer look and found raccoon paw prints nearby and hair stuck in the attic fan. First, we installed a temporary attic fan cover over the attic fan and attached a two-gaited, heavy-duty device to it. The raccoons will have no other way to exit the area, except through our device, which will safely retrieve the raccoon. We also placed several baited traps nearby.

A short while later, we safely retrieved all the raccoons and safely relocated them to a new, humane environment. We then disinfected the attic and installed a sturdy attic fan cover over the attic fan. The attic fan cover is made of heavy-duty 18 Gauge expanded Galvannealed steel mesh and will prevent raccoons, as well as all nuisance wildlife, from gaining access into the home via the attic fan. 

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