Case Studies

Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Open vents attract raccoons in Rumson, NJ.

Thursday, February 21st, 2019 by Paul Witkowski


During a residential inspection for pest activity in a Rumon, NJ home, a Cowleys pest services technician found raccoon droppings in an attic utility closet. Raccoon droppings are actually quite distinctive for those of us in the wildlife business. The droppings of these nocturnal troublemakers are similar to dog droppings. They are fairly large, 2 to 3 inches long, tubular, with blunted ends, making it far different from mouse droppings or even those of squirrels. Raccoon feces often contain undigested food and their coloring depends on whats in the garbage and other places. Although any animal dropping contains toxic pathogens, raccoon droppings are known to have raccoon roundworm, which can be transmitted to humans and cause serious chronic problems. Never touch their droppings and don’t even stay in an enclosed space with them without proper protective equipment. Particles of droppings can become airborne and inhaled.


My first task was to determine how raccoons were gaining attic entry. Here, they were gaining access through vent holes on the roof. I installed a one-way device over the opening and also set two bait traps. The one-way is a temporary device that allows the animals to exit the home, but it is a one-way trip — any attempted return is blocked. Once the animals are successfully trapped and relocated to a more appropriate habitat, we will install chew-proof rip-proof metal vent covers that will prevent any more wildlife from seeking refuge. This attic will be permanently off limits!