Case Studies

Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Exclusion Needed to Keep Bats out of Jackson, NJ Home

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 by Ron Fenimore


Recently, I was called to a home in Jackson, NJ to deal with a bat infestation in the homeowner’s soffit area around the roofline. The bats were able to gain entry because of loose soffits. Whenever there are weaknesses or gaps in the roofline, there is always the risk that they will be exploited by animals. Common roofline and attic infestations include squirrels, raccoons, and bats. Fortunately, there were no live bats in the attic, so our focus was on the clean-up and sealing of the entry points to prevent a re-infestation.

Bat guano is a toxic mess filled with pathogens that can easily become airborne causing serious respiratory diseases. It’s not much fun cleaning out this stuff, but these droppings are a serious health hazard to a home’s occupants and it must be done using the proper protective equipment. 




Our two-man crew removed the loose soffit pieces and vacuumed the bat guano from the soffits. Once the animal waste was removed, we cleaned and deodorized those soffit areas to remove any airborne pathogens that could make their way inside the home. Also, the odors from the waste can be an attractant for other animals, so its important to get rid of any trace of an infestation. 

There were also bat droppings that had fallen in front of the garage doors. Not only was this an unsightly mess, but we were concerned that the home’s residents would accidentally step in this stuff and track it into the home creating more of a mess. We thoroughly cleaned this outside area as well. Finally, after removing the aftermath of this bat infestation, we sealed up the entry points that were used by the bats to gain entry. The homeowners were relieved that we were able to take care of everything so expeditiously.