Squirrels Running Around the Attic in Princeton Junction, NJ

This homeowner in Princeton Junction, NJ had suspected that she had squirrels in her attic, so she called Little Rascals to come out and inspect. When we arrived and inspected the roof, we found a chewed-out area by the soffit as well as squirrel hair stuck in it. If that wasn't enough, when we inspected the attic, we actually found the squirrel running around!

Since the chewed-out area was how the squirrel got in, we temporarily closed off the area with hardware cloth, installed a one-way device directly over the access point, and set up several baited devices nearby. The one-way allows the squirrel to safely leave the attic but prevents it from getting back in.

A short while later, we safely retrieved the squirrel! We then relocated it to a new, humane environment, disinfected the attic, and sealed up the soffit area with sturdy metal flashing. 

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