Birds & Bats Getting Through the Fascia in Neshanic Station, NJ

This homeowner in Neshanic Station, NJ had a problem with both nuisance birds and bats roosting in her attic. How where they getting in exactly? The fascia board had rotted and was falling apart.

First, we safely removed all the bird nesting debris and the bat guano in the attic. Afterward, we disinfected the entire attic with a solution that targets bird mites. Bird mites are parasites that feed on the blood of birds. When birds leave their nests, the mites are left behind without a suitable host for their next blood meal. They will make their way into a home, and once inside they will take over, climbing all over your walls, ceilings, and beddings. To make matters worse, bird mites are tiny and semi-transparent, so they are extremely difficult to detect.  Bird mites are the main reason why extreme care is needed when removing a nest. The last thing you want to do is disrupt the mites that are crawling in and around the nesting material.

Lastly, to prevent any future wildlife intrusions, we installed sturdy, metal flashing over the entire fascia board.

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