Soffit Gets Torn Apart by Raccoons in Far Hills, NJ

One evening, this homeowner in Far Hills, NJ heard some "odd noises" in her attic and suspected that something might have invaded her attic, so she called Little Rascals for help. As we inspected the property, we noticed an area of the soffit appeared to be damaged. So we took a closer look and determined that the damages were inflicted by raccoons. How did we know for sure? We also found raccoon paw prints near it.

First, we installed a positive set over the access point and temporarily enclosed it with hardware cloth. We also set up several baited devices nearby. A positive set is comprised of a nose cone, which will guide the raccoons into a two-gaited, heavy-duty device to it. This is called a positive set, because we are positive that the raccoons will have no other way to exit except through our device! Shortly after setting up our devices, we safely retrieved the raccoons and relocated them to a new, humane location.

Before we left, we went back to our trucks, fashioned a piece of sturdy, metal flashing, and installed in over the access point to prevent reinfestation.

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