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Wildlife Removal - Vent cover installed in Port Reading, New Jersey

Vent cover installed in Port Reading, New Jersey
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We installed two static vent covers that secure right to the roof and siliconed the screw heads to create a seal to block out rainwater. Whenever you install a structure on the roof, you have to be extra careful - any new hole can potentially be the source of a roof leak if not done properly. We also installed new dryer vent covers, and used an epoxy adhesive to close off some widely separated joints. With this preventative exclusion work completed, any wildlife that manages to get on the roof with have a next-to-impossible job of finding a way to gain access inside the attic. This homeowner wanted to avoid any wildlife intrusion headaches down the road, and told us that with these added wildlife deterrents, he will be able to sleep a whole lot better at night.