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Wildlife Removal - Trapped raccoon will be relocated

Trapped raccoon will be relocated
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This home was an unfortunate example of problems that can arise when homeowners forget about relatively simple home maintenance tasks like gutter cleaning. We saw a common result here: The clogged gutters caused wood rot to the roof, which gave invading wildlife an easy access point to enter the home. Another common area caused by clogged gutters are the fascia boards on which the gutter system is attached. But wood damage is only one of a number of potential problems. That water pouring down in sheets over the sides of the gutter during a heavy rain will pool around and weaken the home's foundation, or can wind up damaging the trees and shrubs around the base of the home. Pooling water also leads to mold growth and attracts insects, especially mosquitoes that look for standing water to breed. As winter approaches, clogged gutters increase the likelihood that destructive ice dams will form on the lower edge of the roof. Ice dams cause extensive roof damage and allow water to seep into the home.