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Wildlife Removal - Traps set up on roof for Raccoons in Carteret

Traps set up on roof for Raccoons in Carteret
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I could not definitively conclude that raccoons were no longer entering the attic. To be sure that there was no longer an active infestation, I set up multiple traps on the roof and installed a one-way door over their entry hole. Any raccoons that may have been hiding in the attic could leave, but would not be able to re-enter. In a couple of days, I'll confirm whether there is still an active infestation. Hopefully, the traps will be empty and they'll be no sign of more recent activity. After I am assured that there is no wildlife in the attic, we will do a full clean-up and sanitation to remove the toxic droppings and all of the soiled insulation. The homeowner, while understandably upset to have this type of an event occur so soon after moving in, she was grateful that this matter would be resolved quickly and correctly.