Case Studies

Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Epic Fail for a Groundhog in East Brunswick, NJ

Thursday, July 16th, 2020 by Greg Arteglier


As I was treating one of our customers home in East Brunswick, NJ I discovered something interesting... an attempted break-in by a groundhog!

Previously, the homeowner was having an issue with a groundhog digging around their home, so our Wildlife Division went out, safely retrieved and relocated the groundhog, and installed Dig Defense® around the entire perimeter of the home.


Dig Defense® is a below-ground fence system that protects structures against nuisance wildlife and keeps pets from digging out of yards. The fence is 15 inches deep and 4 feet across. Groundhogs dig at a 45-degree angle — they cannot dig straight down. So once this fence is installed, they are unable to go around it. 

The groundhog attempted to dig under the home in two different areas but was unable to because of the Dig Defense®, ensuring that the property is properly protected from future underground intrusions from nuisance wildlife.