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Wildlife Removal Case Studies: Beaver Removal in Wanaque, NJ

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020 by Drew Cowley


I went out on a service call for a new commercial client in Wanaque, NJ who was having an issue with beavers. Once I arrived and began inspecting the property, I found the beavers swimming in the water and located the dam they had built. Their dam was about 20 feet across. In most extreme cases, a beavers dam can be over 100 yards across and about 4 feet wide.

Beavers are large rodents that are herbivores that prefer to eat leaves, bark, twigs, roots, and aquatic plants. They are excellent swimmers and once a pair of beavers settle into an area, they build a lodge made of sticks and mud and build a dam, which is exactly what they did on this property! Although a beavers dam is beneficial to the environment, when they exist on people's properties they can cause extensive damage to yards and homes. Beavers take down trees to build their dams, resulting in loss of costly landscaping plants as well as potential falling tree damage to buildings. Here, in this case, the build-up of water starting flowing towards people's homes, causing a severe flood hazard.


In order to safely capture the beaver, we broke apart a few areas of the dam in order to release the water flow to a few areas and then set up a trap nearby. When the beaver returns to repair the damaged areas, in no time at all, it will be safely captured in the trap. 

Every single beaver removal job conducted by Cowleys trained professionals are done so by a federal permit issued by the Fish and Game Administration. This permit informs us exactly what type of traps we are allowed to use and how we can catch and remove the beaver.

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