Foxes Go Under the Shed in Martinsville, NJ

One day, this homeowner was cleaning out his shed to get ready for the summer. As he was cleaning it out, he saw a fox stick its head out from under his shed and then go back underneath it! He immediately went inside and called Little Rascals Nuisance Wildlife Removal for help. Once we arrived and examined the shed, we found the main burrow that the fox was using to go underneath the shed.

First, we dug a 12 inch deep trench and then installed hardware cloth around the entire perimeter of shed. The hardware cloth is installed 12 inches deep and 12 inches out from the bottom of the shed. This creates a sturdy "L shaped" perimeter that will prevent foxes, and other nuisance wildlife, from digging and nesting underneath the shed. Afterward, we cut a portion of the hardware cloth that was over the main burrow, installed a one-way device directly over it, and set up several baited devices nearby. The one-way device allows the fox to safely leave the shed, but prevent it from getting back in.

Once we retrieve the fox, we're going to relocate it to a new, humane location, fill in the burrow, and install another piece of hardware cloth over the opening. 

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