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  • By Susan S.
    Howell, NJ

    "Hope the Cowley boys are doing well! The Tracey's send their regards!"

    Customer Review

    By Susan S.
    Howell, NJ

    Hope the Cowley boys are doing well! The Tracey's send their regards!

  • By Charnie S.
    Matawan, NJ

    "scott and todd were terrific"

    Customer Review

    By Charnie S.
    Matawan, NJ

    scott and todd were terrific

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  • "I called the office at 7:31 am on 2/22/19 and Jill was able to..." Read Full Testimonial

    Linda K. of Freehold, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              I called the office at 7:31 am on 2/22/19 and Jill was able to schedule Scott out to my home right away. He was super informative and patient with me.
    Linda K.
    Freehold, NJ
  • "I was impressed" Read Full Testimonial

    Kim of Belmar, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              I was impressed all the technicians that were out to our store Jorge, Bob and Scott.
    Belmar, NJ
  • "If an issue arises, the staff goes out of its way to correct the problem to the satisfaction of the..." Read Full Testimonial

    Barbara M. of Allenhurst, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              "Tom, Scott and the pest technician David were professional and knowledgeable. If an issue arises, the staff goes out of its way to correct the problem to the satisfaction of the customer. Would definately recomment."
    Barbara M.
    Allenhurst, NJ

Scott Dellett, ACE from Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Residential Service Supervisor

Hometown: Neptune City

Scott Dellett, ACE from Cowleys Pest Services

Scott Dellett, a Neptune City resident, is our residential pest control supervisor, and the point man for all of our pest control technicians. He is responsible for ensuring that our technicians follow Cowleys protocols and high quality control standards and that they are ready for the day. He conducts periodic employee quality inspections, and, on those rare occasions when there is a customer complaint, follows up and resolves the matter. He continues to work out in the field daily, handling a variety of residential calls as well as a number of our important commercial accounts. Scott is also one of our most experienced bed bug specialists.

Scott has been with Cowleys since 2005, starting here as a pest control technician, and working his way up to one of our key senior management positions through his consistent exemplary performance and excellent customer service skills. Prior to joining Cowleys, he was a pest control technician for another pest control service. He also held a variety of positions in the food service industry where he gained first-hand experience in the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation protocols in commercial kitchens. Scott is a life-long resident of the Jersey Shore area, and a graduate of the prestigious Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Sandy Hook.

One’s first impression of Scott is that he is as clean and trustworthy as a Boy Scout. And it would come as no surprise to anyone to learn that he was one! And Scott was not only a Boy Scout. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the entire Boy Scout program. To be eligible an Eagle Scout, one must earn at least 21 merit badges and, thereafter, submit to a lengthy review process. Only 4% of Boy Scouts are granted this rarefied rank. Among this select group of motivated, civic-minded individuals include such notable men as Steven Spielberg, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and our 38th President, Gerald R. Ford.

Scott has been certified as an associate certified entomologist after completing the rigorous educational requirements set forth by the Entomological Society of America. He is also a licensed NJDEP commercial pest control applicator. In addition to Core certification, he holds three key Category certifications, 7A certification for general and household pest control, 7B certification for termites and other wood-destroying insects, and 8B for mosquito control. 

Scott also is a member of Neptune city C.E.R.T. community emergency response team and is certified in CPR. During his spare time, Scott enjoys golfing and family time, especially sharing his love of camping and the wonders of nature with his kids.

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One of our friendly dispatchers at Cowleys told me that my first stop of the day would be a residence in... Watch Video
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  • Squirrels find easy access into Keansburg, NJ home from below.
    Squirrels find easy access into Keansburg, NJ home from below.

    Some wily squirrels were able to successfully deceive a previously hired nuisance wildlife serve at this Keansburg, NJ home and escape capture. Apparently, the technician focused on looking up and over the roof of this home for potential access points to try and keep the squirrels out. To be sure, squirrels are arboreal rodents and they often initially access the home by first making their way to the roof, usually by either by traversing wires coming into the home or using overhanging branches as a roadway. However, squirrels don’t always access the home through the roof, fascia, or  soffits. Good wildlife technicians have 360 degree thinking and look at the entire picture, always taking into account every possibility.

    I first asked the homeowner where she was hearing most of the wildlife activity. This often gives me a good starting point of where to start the inspection for entry points. She told me that most of the noise was coming from inside the wall voids of the first floor — nowhere near the roof or attic. Based on this, I decide to first inspect below rather than above. Sure enough, these squirrels were gaining access to the home behind the plaster walls of the living room from below the front porch.  

    The best course of action was excluding them by setting up a one-way device over the opening that allowed them to leave the home, but prevent their return. For the rodents, it’s a one-way trip! After sealing this area and monitoring it for activity for two days, we sealed the opening for good.  We followed up with the homeowner who told us that she’s heard absolutely nothing in the walls after our exclusion. These squirrels were permanently evicted. Needless to say, after a few too many weeks of frustration, she was quite relieved that her squirrel problem was finally resolved.