Why Birds Nesting In Your Home Is A Health Hazard

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 by Drew Cowley

Why Birds Nesting In Your Home Is A Health Hazard - Image 1

Birds and their nests can:

  • Block your ventilation systems
  • Are made from flammable materials and present fire hazards
  • Transmit various diseases through their droppings
  • Contain Bird Mite parasites that can infest your home

Although contacting a pest control specialist is always the best option, here are a few tips that you can do at home to prevent birds from roosting:

  1. Hang Wind Chimes - Not only are wind chimes beautiful to listen to, but the noise and movement will scare off birds & prevent them from roosting.
  2. Use Reflective Duct Tape - Cut reflective tape in different lengths and hang it from a string around the perimeter of your home. The reflective properties will make birds avoid the area. Also, a great crafting project to do with the kids!
  3. Use Copper & Steel Mesh - Stuff pieces of copper or steel mesh into any small openings around your porch, patio, or home and then top it off with caulking to close the gaps and void. This will prevent birds from building nests in these small openings.

Although these tips are helpful in preventing birds from roosting around your property, should unwanted birds take over your home, commercial property or warehouse, DO NOT REMOVE THEM OR THEIR NESTS ON YOUR OWN! 

Bird Solutions by Cowleys has the experience and know-how to remove the infestation and “bird-proof” your property to dramatically reduce the chances of a future re-infestation.

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