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Peter Katula

Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Lead Technician

Peter Katula from Cowleys Pest Services
We are excited to welcome Peter Katula to the Cowleys family! Peter joined Cowleys in November of 2020 as the Lead Technician of our new office location in Somerville, NJ! He was looking for a pest services company that not only truly cares about their customers but also has a close-knit, family atmosphere that values their employees as well. Peter came across Cowleys and the rest is history!
Peter is a seasoned pest control expert with over 40 years of experience. You name a pest problem, Peter's seen it multiple times! He has spent the last 15 years as a Pest Sales Representative in which he built strong relationships with homeowners, business owners, landlords, and property managers — an important value we hold here at Cowleys! In fact, when we asked him what makes him unique, he smiled and said, "I truly care about my customers and my friends that I've built relationships with over my lifetime in this industry. I love helping people and solving their problems, no matter how big or small." 
Peter holds multiple pest control licenses, such as NJDEP commercial pest control applicator, Core certification, Category certifications 7A for general and household pest control, 7B for termites and other wood-destroying insects, and 8A for General Health
When not working, Peter loves to go on vacations with his wife, spend time with his friends, and spend a few hours at the golf range.
from customers I've helped!
  • "Peter was.... AN ANGEL Rose had the privilege of meeting 2 of our employees today, she wanted to tell..." Read Full Testimonial

    Rose P. of Somerset, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Peter was.... AN ANGEL Rose had the privilege of meeting 2 of our employees today, she wanted to tell us how polite they were, she said they were 2 angels and she is happy that she is dealing with a company that has such knowledgeable employees, if she ever needs service again she will use us again, one was named Peter, the last time we came the technician was remarkable too and she wants everyone to know.
    Rose P.
    Somerset, NJ
  • "Pete Katula was..... Pete Katula was very professional. He went above and..." Read Full Testimonial

    Charles L. of South River, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Pete Katula was..... Pete Katula was very professional. He went above and beyond by listening to to me. Once he heard what I was experiencing, he gave me his professional opinion. He is a true asset to Cowleys- you guys need about 10 more of him! I am extremely happy with the service provided by Pete.
    Charles L.
    South River, NJ
  • "Peter was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Nancy K. of Sayreville, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              very professional, explained everything and what he found set up his follow-up visit. When I called for the appt. The clerical I spoke with was very helpful. Thank you!!
    Nancy K.
    Sayreville, NJ

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  • Sealing an Entry Point for Mice in Somerville, NJ
    Sealing an Entry Point for Mice in Somerville, NJ

    Sealing an Entry Point for Mice in Somerville, NJ

    Recently, I was sent out on a service call to one of the condominium complexes we service in Somerville, NJ for a mice problem. When I arrived, I inspected the interior of the home and found mice droppings in the laundry room and office. I then inspected the exterior of the unit and, within minutes, I was able to find the entry point! There was a giant gap where the utility wires were leading into the home. 

    I carefully cleaned up all the droppings inside the home, stuffed all the openings with chew-proof stainless steel mesh, and then sealed them in place with a premium, waterproof adhesive. Lastly, I placed several Ready-to-Use rodent bait stations throughout the interior and along the exterior of the building. I'll return for several follow-up visits to monitor the rodent infestation and replenish the bait stations as needed.


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