Spiders: The Good & The Bad

Spiders: The Good & The Bad - Image 1

Let’s be honest, spiders are divisive. There are the group of people who hate spiders. There are some people who are so afraid of spiders there is a name for it, arachnophobia. On the other hand, there are also people who love spiders. Many of them picture spiders as the adorable creatures from much loved books like the spider who tries to save Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web or Miss Spider, the protector of James, in James and the Giant Peach. So which side is right about spiders?

Maybe both sides are right. Spiders have some really great attributes, such as how they eat nasty bugs. But, although they can be useful in some situations, they are a nuisance and can make your house look dirty and unkempt, even if your house is extremely clean.

If you don’t like spiders there is no question, you just don’t want them anywhere near your house. But even if you still think of spiders like their literary counterparts you still would probably prefer they don’t take up residents in your home. Why? They make your house look unkempt with their webs. Did you know that on average a spider can spin a web in just one hour? Think about all the webs that could pop up between your weekly cleanings! Not only can a single spider produce a lot of webs, but spiders, especially house spiders, can produce a great many offspring. The average female house spider lays approximately 250 eggs in a round, brown colored sac at a single time. A female house spider may lay up to 17 sacs in her lifetime. The average spider lives one year which means in a single year one female house spider can lay 3,760 eggs!

So what can a homeowner do? Some homeowners may re-home the spiders outside, others will just introduce the spider to the bottom of their shoe, and others will try sprays from their local big box store. While all these methods will in fact get rid of one spider, there will be plenty left in your home. Applications sprayed directly on the spider will kill them, but over-the-counter remedies are not effective as a long term strategy. The only real way to keep spiders out is to use a well-tested control and removal solution.

For real relief from spiders invading your home you should work with Cowleys, who will not only get rid of the current spiders, but will also stop new ones from entering. The first step we'll take is to determine possible entry points. Once these entry points are found and sealed we can move on to removing the spiders that are currently in your home. 

It is important to take both of these steps; if not, the chance of later re-infestation remains. 

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