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Sealing Up a Potential Access Point for Mice in Old Bridge, NJ

During a routine service treatment for a new Home Protection Plan customer in Old Bridge, NJ we noticed a few openings around several utility pipes and utility wires around the exterior of the home. Although the homeowner didn't have any issues with mice in her home, if these gaps are left alone, it's only a matter of time until she does. Remember a mouse only needs an opening the width of a pencil to infest a home!

So we stuffed each and every opening with chew-proof stainless steel mesh, which mice hate to chew through. We then sealed them in place with a waterproof, premium adhesive. The combination of these two materials make for a great deterrent and the home is properly guarded against rodents.

Installing a New Chimney Cap in Bernardsville, NJ

After we successfully & safely removed all the squirrels from this home in Bernardsvile, NJ, we're going to exclude them from the area that they were using to enter the home - the chimney. How are we going to do that? By installing a chimney cap over the chimney crown! This heavy-duty material is constructed out of 24 Gauge Top and Flange, and 18 Gauge Stainless steel!

Now the area is properly secured from not just squirrels, but all nuisance wildlife and nuisance birds too!

Transforming a Hot & Dirty Attic in Bernardsville, NJ

This customer in Bernardsville, NJ, has owned his home for over 40 years and decided it was time to upgrade the insulation in his attic, so he contacted our Attic Systems Division for assistance. After discussing various options, the owner decided to have us add TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation to his attic space.

Fiberglass can lose it effectiveness over time and leave gaps in your attic where air can escape. First, we carefully removed all the old insulation and properly disposed of it. We then placed several measuring sticks throughout the attic to ensure that the proper amount of R-value is added to the attic. Next, we air sealed all the gaps and cracks in the attic. This will eliminate air flow between the living space and the attic, improving energy efficiency.

Lastly, we added over 10 inches of TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation. TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation maximizes home comfort, has the highest Class-1 fire safety rating & is resistant to mold and pests.

Repairing the Damage Done by Squirrels in Marlboro, NJ

Now that we have removed all the squirrels from this home in Marlboro, NJ and relocated them to a new, humane location, we're back at the property to repair the damage they done. The squirrels had ripped apart the shingles near the gutter to gain access to the attic. After disinfecting the area, we began to repair the damages. First, we cut a piece of sturdy metal flashing and installed it over the opening. Next, we applied roof grit to the flashing to blend it in with the color of the roof. Afterward, we applied a premium adhesive to the area and spread it across the flashing in order to hold the roof grits in place. Now the damages are repaired and the home is free of squirrels!

Unorganized Attic Gets New Blown-In Cellulose Insulation in Marlboro, NJ

After seeing our ad on our Facebook page this homeowner in Marlboro, NJ, wanted our Attic Systems team to come out and add new blown-in insulation to his attic. Currently, the homeowner was utilizing the attic as extra storage, so it was filled with old carpets, wood, and broken chairs. With the owners permission, we carefully disposed of all the items he and his wife no longer wanted. We also removed all the old insulation. Afterward, we installed Tight Shell Can Light Covers over the recessed lights in the attic. These are made out of a fire resistant material and is specifically designed to stop unwanted air leakage through the recessed lights. Afterward, we added over 10 inches of TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation.

TruSoft blown-in cellulose insulation maximizes home comfort, has the highest Class-1 fire safety rating & is resistant to mold and pests. After adding TruSoft, we installed several SilverGlo™ borders. This will prevent the insulation from overflowing onto the attic floor and makes the attic look more organized.

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