Meet the Team

Peter Kriz

Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Wildlife Control Operator

Hometown: Union, NJ

Peter Kriz from Cowleys Pest Services

Peter, a longtime resident of Union, NJ, joined Colweys Wildlife Division in October of 2020. Aside from his can-do attitude and plethora of experiences (from various managerial roles to security director), it was Peter's aquatic knowledge that impressed us the most. Peter currently holds several impressive certifications such as Zoonotic, Anatomy & Physiology of Fishes, Disease Diagnostics, Crocodilian Biology, Venomous Animals, Amphibian Biology, and Herpetology!

He was looking for a new career in which he can expand his already impressive skillset, so when we heard about an open Wildlife Control Operator position at Cowleys, he immediately jumped on it and we're happy to have him on board!

Peter is a military veteran and he proudly served in the U.S. Army as an Airborne Ranger Pathfinder! The Pathfinders were created in World War II when American paratrooper units needed a way to mark areas and guide aircraft to a specific spot.

Currently, Peter is president of the Jersey Shore Aquarium Society, a position he has had for a long time (and he loves it). What he absolutely loves the most is spending time with his two young boys, Rocco and Leo, and his wife Erika!

from customers I've helped!
  • "Peter is..." Read Full Testimonial

    Martin K. of Princeton, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Very personable and informative.
    Martin K.
    Princeton, NJ
  • "Peter was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Paul C. of Roosevelt, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Very polite, this is working well this year between the roof repair and bat exclusion timing.
    Paul C.
    Roosevelt, NJ
  • "Ron and Peter were..." Read Full Testimonial

    Jamie F. of Manalapan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              great. They identified the issue we had, put the tall extension ladder up to get up there and double check the situation!
    Jamie F.
    Manalapan, NJ
  • "Peter was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Laura H. of Manalapan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              very knowledgable and friendly!
    Laura H.
    Manalapan, NJ
  • "Pete was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Paula B. of Freehold, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              polite and answered all questions
    Paula B.
    Freehold, NJ
  • "Peter was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Charles L. of Freehold, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              great! Very knowledgeable.
    Charles L.
    Freehold, NJ
  • "Peter was..." Read Full Testimonial

    Kristen C. of Matawan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              very helpful and professional.
    Kristen C.
    Matawan, NJ
  • "David called me back right away. He questioned me to assess the situation and came up with a plan for me..." Read Full Testimonial

    Kelly M. of Sea Girt, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              David called me back right away. He questioned me to assess the situation and came up with a plan for me until Peter could come to the house. Peter was knowledgable, thorough and did not try to sell me services I did not need. I am totally confident that I had the best team working on my issue(raccoon in garage on the day before Thanksgiving).THANK YOU!
    Kelly M.
    Sea Girt, NJ
  • "Peter had..." Read Full Testimonial

    John S. of Wall, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              great knowledge and did a very professional job.
    John S.
    Wall, NJ

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Raccoons Invade Homeowners Shed in Freehold, NJ
    Raccoons Invade Homeowners Shed in Freehold, NJ

    Raccoons Invade Homeowners Shed in Freehold, NJ

    As this homeowner in Freehold, NJ was putting his gardening equipment away in his outdoor shed, he came across a raccoon exiting from the gable vent! He closed the door and immediately called Little Rascals for help.

    When we arrived, we noticed that the raccoon had destroyed the gable vent in order to gain access to the shed. We temporarily enclosed the area off with hardware cloth and installed a one-way device over it. A one-way device will allow the raccoon to safely leave the area but prevent it from getting back in. We also placed several baited devices nearby. 

    A short while later, we successfully retrieved the raccoon and relocated it to a new, humane environment. In order to prevent any other raccoons, or any other nuisance wildlife from reinfesting the shed, we installed an XclusionPro® louvered vent guard over the gable vent. This sturdy material is made of expanded galvanneal steel and will exclude all nuisance wildlife. 

  • Dryer Vent Full of Birds in Point Pleasant, NJ
    Dryer Vent Full of Birds in Point Pleasant, NJ

    Dryer Vent Full of Birds in Point Pleasant, NJ

    We were sent out to a condominium association in Point Pleasant, NJ to safely remove birds that were harboring in one of the dryer vents. When we arrived, we spotted a bird coming out of one of the dryer vents on the second floor. In order to safely remove the birds, we installed a customized one-way device over the dryer vent. The birds can push the flap open when they exit, however, because the flap is weighted, they'll be unable to reenter the vent. The best part of this device is that, if there are young birds inside, the adult female will still be able to feed them through the flap, until they leave.

    A short time later, we were able to safely remove all the birds from the home. We then removed all the nesting debris out of the vent, disinfected the area, and installed a DryerWallVent® to each of the dryer vents. The DryerWallVent’s large opening and angled damper provide maximum airflow efficiency for the safe venting of the dryer. Integrated magnets keep the damper closed when the dryer is not in use, keeping nuisance birds and other pests on the outside.