Case Studies

Crawl Space Encapsulation Case Studies: Crawl Space in Oceanport

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015 by Tom Witkowski


The Cowleys Crawl Space team was called out to a home in Oceanport, NJ. The customer was complaining of a bad smell coming from the crawl space. After locating the drop-in hatch in a closet, I stuck my head in and realized I better “suit up" before entering the crawlspace.

I put on my Tyvek suit, respirator, booties, goggles and gloves and started my inspection. Upon inspection, we found the crawl space had multiple issues:

1) 6-8 inches of standing water

2) extremely high humidity levels

3) open vents

4) drooping wet fiberglass insulation

5)  Mold covering most of the wood surfaces


The first thing we had to do was to remove the standing water issues. Then to alleviate the problem, from happening again we plan to regrade the crawl space, install sump pumps and drainage matting.

We then proceeded to remove the wet, drooping insulation and then we focused on killing and treating the Mold. At Cowleys, we use the Mold Exterm® System, using MM1 AND MM2.