Replacing a Broken Crawl Space Vent Cover with a New One in Mantoloking, NJ

Previously our Pest Control Division had eliminated all the mice that were infesting the crawl space area of this home in Mantoloking, NJ. The were mice were getting in through the broken and rusty crawl space vent, so we're here to replace it!

First, we removed the old vent and cleaned the area. Afterward, we installed an Insulated Smart Vent®. This not only will prevent mice, nuisance wildlife, and other pests from infesting the crawl space, but also keeps outside air away, along with all the moisture, winter cold, and summer heat it brings with it. A SmartVent® is designed to remain in the closed position until rising floodwater comes into contact with the vent. Water contact triggers an internal float mechanism that unlatches the door. In the open position, vents blunt the destructive force of floodwater by providing a path through the foundation. By equalizing water pressure instead of fighting it, your foundation can survive a flood without collapsing.


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