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Commercial Pest Services Photo Album: Sanitation tips to keep mice out of Princeton, NJ restaurant.

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Recently, I was dispatched to one of our commercial accounts, a restaurant in Princeton, NJ. We were contacted after the manager was made aware that there were mouse droppings underneath a few of the customer booths in the dining room.The booths in question were against an outside wall of the building. Because of their location, I believed that there was a good chance that there was an access point nearby on that wall. Mice can easily squeeze through a 1/4” gap, so finding their entry points requires a close, detailed inspection of the interior and exterior building perimeter. Here, I located several potential entryways — gaps in the wood baseboard molding — that were more than enough for mice to enter. I put an end to those access points by sealing them with a chew-proof copper mesh. The long-term resolution of a rodent infestation requires that their entry points be identified and properly sealed.

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