Cowleys Pest Control for Health Care

In Health Care Facilities, There is Zero Tolerance for Pest Infestations

hospitalHealth care facilities operate in a complex environment with significant regulatory oversight. Moreover, pest activity in sensitive patient care or operating rooms can have a profound impact on residents’ health. There is perhaps no other type of facility where the pest management control is so critical. A healthy, aseptic environment must be maintained for patient well-being. Virtually allhospitals have restaurant facilities, many operating 24/7, as well as food being transported throughout the hospital to patients followed by the collection and disposal of unconsumed food. To ensure the highest level of quality service in health care facilities, Cowleys utilizes the most up-to-date Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols to ensure that the hospital remains safe and sanitary for patients and hospital employees.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): The Intelligent Solution for Pest Control in the Helath Care Industry

Cowleys has years of experience in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM, which is considered to be the “gold standard” in reducing the likelihood of an infestation and readily resolving an infestation should one occur. IPM is markedly different from traditional pest control involving heavy application of pesticides; instead, pesticide applications are used judiciously and intelligently so as to optimize their efficacy using the least amount of chemical. Not only does less chemical mean cost savings, but there is a safety issue as well. In the health care industry, where patients residing and recuperating in the hospital are already in a sensitive state with respiratory issues or compromised immune systems, chemical treatments must be used sparingly. And certain specific applications because of their odor or toxicity should not be used at all! Pest control treatment in a hospital is not the time or place for guesswork or inexperienced personnel. Hospitals and health care facilities require a pest control professional with the specific expertise in this unique and sensitive environment. Cowleys has extensive experience in treating infestations with traps and low impact pesticides. Any other application is used only a last resort and only after a determination is made as to its safety in a hospital setting. We utilize materials that are odor-free and do not leave messy residues. Patient safety is kept in mind every step of the way. We design our treatment plan with the understanding that patient health, safety, and well-being is the utmost priority.

At Cowleys, Our Goal is Patient Safety and Discreet, Expeditious Service

dentalAbove all else, Cowleys pest management protocols in the health care industry are designed to protect your patients, guests, and employees. Cowleys technicians are discreet and work to resolve the pest control issues while minimizing any disruptions to the ongoing operations of the hospital. Our objective is to expeditiously resolve any infestation problems without interfering with staff and ongoing hospital procedures. Most importantly, with IPM for the health care industries we focus not only on removing the existing infestation but also look for proactive, preventative measures to minimize the chance for later re-infestation. Removing an infestation means little if the underlying conditions responsible for the infestation are not modified or eliminated. At Cowleys, we find and correct the root causes of your pest infestation problem so that your facility continues to stay pest-free.

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