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Commercial Pest Services Photo Album: Mice Find Easy Entry into Sayreville, NJ Commercial Building

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The kitchen staff in a restaurant in Sayreville, NJ, had observed mice scurrying about the restaurant during business hours. Management immediately contacted Cowleys. Needless to say, this was a serious health hazard that needed to be addressed immediately.

For any commercial business, especially restaurants, resolving rodent activity is top priority. Since mice are nocturnal, they mostly forage during the quiet of night. They prefer to come out when the lights are off and there is no noisy human activity going on. However, mice are sometimes seen during the day, especially there is a large infestation and mice are competing for food. The fact that a number of the kitchen staff had observed mice was of concern to me since mice are, by and large, secretive creatures.

Usually, with mouse infestations, we are first contacted after a few signs of mouse activity are found. The most common indicators of mouse activity are droppings, urine odors, gnawed holes in drywall, holes in cardboard food containers, smelly mouse carcasses rotting behind appliances, and greasy rub marks. 

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