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Commercial Pest Services Photo Album: Horrible sanitation in Matawan commercial restaurant

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Cowleys services numerous commercial kitchens in restaurants and other food service establishments throughout the state. We are there to promptly deal with infestations and apply products, set traps, and perform whatever treatments are necessary to  control insects and rodents. While restaurants can find itself with almost any type of infestation, the most common invaders are roaches, ants, flies (especially fruit flies and drain flies), and mice. But what is often overlooked is the important role of pest control technicians in their inspection and proactive measures taken in order to stay on top of problems. Our goal, especially with restaurants and food service establishments, is to avoid infestations from happening in the first place. For obvious reasons, these types of commercial customers must have “zero tolerance” when it comes to pests. The restaurant staff must be trained and supervised in proper hygiene and sanitation protocols to minimize the likelihood of an infestation, and if one does occur, to keep pest populations to a minimum.

While servicing one of our commercial clients in Matawan, during my inspection, I found numerous hygiene and sanitation issues that needed to be addressed ASAP. These issues, if not corrected, would inevitably lead to infestation problems, if there wasn’t one already from these deficiencies.

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