Case Studies

Bird Control Services Case Studies: Bird Proofing Roof with Daddi Long Leggs in Freehold, NJ

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 by Peter Katula


This homeowner in Freehold, NJ was having a serious problem with birds roosting and defecating all over his roof, so he called our Bird Services Division to come out and help him.

During our inspection, we noticed that some areas of the roof were severely stained with bird droppings as well as nesting debris. Bird droppings can discolor paint, stain wood, and are acidic enough to erode metal and dissolve paint and car finishes, not to mention that dried bird droppings release infectious spores into the air, which are dangerous when inhaled!



After carefully removing all the nesting debris and disinfecting the entire roof, we installed several of our "Daddi Long Leggs" bird deterrents. What these deterrents do is startle the birds and prevent them from roosting on the roof. This is considered a physical barrier deterrent, which is the most effective long-term solution to prevent birds from roosting on the roof and most importantly, doesn't harm the birds.

Now the homeowner will no longer have any issues with birds roosting on his roof.