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Bird Control Services Case Studies: Birds Make Mess in Trucker's Bay in Edison, NJ

Saturday, June 30th, 2018 by Ron Fenimore


A warehouse in Edison, NJ, found itself with a troublesome bird infestation. Birds were nesting above the bumpers of the bay doors where trailers back into for loading and unloading. Needless to say, this was a significant nuisance to the warehouse staff responsible for moving products in and out of the trucks. The bird droppings were landing on workers and on the products being taken on and off the trucks. This was clearly an unacceptable, potentially dangerous situation, especially for warehouse staff to be exposed to these toxic droppings.




Another bird control service had tried to screen off the openings. This was completely ineffective. The persistent birds easily poked their way through the flimsy screen. Sometimes physical barriers work, but it is important to consider the best type of deterrent for the given situation. Here, we came up with a better solution: Bird Barrier Optical gel. We installed 12 pucks of the gel on each side of the bay doors for a total of 170 pucks of gel. It was a time-consuming process, but well worth it.

This stuff is amazing. To us, this product looks like a simple white gel, like some type of ointment or toothpaste. However, birds see something much different and much more frightening. Birds have much better sight than humans and they see a far broader spectrum of colors. We use their enhanced sight against them.  When birds see this gel, to them, it looks like a ball of smoke and fire. Birds aren’t the brightest, but they will instinctively fly away from flames. The illusion is highly effective in keeping birds away. We’ll be returning shortly to determine the effectiveness of this deterrent, but given our past history with this product, we are confident that these optical gels will keep the birds from returning to roost in these areas. With these bird deterrents in place, this warehouse will be able to operate a lot more efficiently.

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