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Birds Causing Havoc in Pine Beach, NJ

This story brings me to Pine Beach, NJ. Our professional inspector was called out to a house about the massive amount of birds roosting on this home’s roof. When we arrived, we found a lot of birds sitting on top of the roof. This evidently was a constant problem. After speaking to the homeowner, we proposed using Shock Track as well as installing a Bird Flasher on the pilings around her dock area where more birds were congregating. 

We installed Shock Track to the roof ridge. Shock Track is a great product that runs off a solar box, keeping it always active. It sends out a small zap to the birds when they land on it, teaching them that they no longer can use this home as a roosting spot. After we finished, we installed 10 Bird Flashers on the pilings. Bird Flashers give off an inferred flame that only the birds can see.

We showed the home owner the exclusions we installed and she was extremely happy and “shocked” as well to see how fast our job worked. We followed up with her after a couple days and she was happy to say that no birds are on her roof.

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