Sun Damaged Gable Vents Get Replaced in Allentown, NJ

After we safely removed and excluded nuisance birds from this home in Allentown, NJ, we noticed that several of the gable vents were damaged from the sun. Nuisance birds or wildlife infesting a home via the gable vents is very common. Over time, the gable vents get weathered and raccoons, squirrels, birds, and bats have no problem ripping away these vents to find shelter inside a home.

After bringing this to the owners attention, she agreed that they needed to be secured, so we installed Pest-Blok over each gable vents. Pest-Blok doesn't restrict the airflow to the attic, undergoes a silicone-protected polyester coating process that makes it last longer, and guards the home against squirrels, pests, birds, and all other nuisance wildlife. Now the gable vents are properly protected from all nuisance birds & wildlife!

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