Ants Use Homeowners Bath in Neptune, NJ

A client in Neptune, NJ is complaining that she had ants in her bathroom. While inspecting her bathroom I saw that she had a lot of ants in the bathtub. As I was watching them I found they weren’t coming from the tub drain as they were falling in and couldn’t get out. So I went back to studying the ants outside the tub. After watching them for a while I couldn’t pinpoint their entryway. Then, I noticed the tile grout near the baseboard was missing and had cracks throughout the bathroom, — there was our entry point! I treated all the cracks and crevices and treated the baseboards in the surrounding rooms with bait. Ants follow the same pheromones trail and will very rarely deter from that trail. By placing the bait on the trail, the ants will then eat it, carry it back to their hive, spread it among the colony and then, voila! Lights out!  After placing the bait in the bathroom I went into the basement and inspected under the bathroom. Although I didn’t see any activity of ants I treated that area under the bathroom to make sure I have full coverage.