Pigeons problems in Vineland, NJ

The Vineland, NJ State Veteran Home offers long-term care services for veterans, their spouses, and Gold Star parents. It is a beautiful facility that provides those who served our nation the highest quality healthcare. Their administration contacted Cowleys to help them resolve a massive pigeon problem. Feral pigeons have a strong attraction to buildings and other man-made habitats for nesting and roosting because they resemble their natural habitat of cliffs and ledge formations. These birds harbor diseases and their prodigious droppings are unsightly and unsanitary. Their droppings are so acidic that they can dissolve paint and cause extensive property damage, especially to roofing materials and ventilation systems. Over time, there droppings can even cause concrete stonework to crumble. 

Our focus with nuisance birds is to evaluate the particular building and level fo infestation to determine the best mix of bird deterrent devices to make the building inhospitable to them. Birds will soon move elsewhere they seek to avoid the deterrents or it is impossible or difficult to land. We look for humane solutions for the birds to simply relocate elsewhere, and these deterrents ensure that any new birds won’t bother your premises. There are plenty of places for nuisance birds to go. With deterrent devices the birds are sent a  loud and clear message that your property is off-limits. 

Here, we set up six eagle eye deterrents in strategic locations on the roof. Eagle eyes emit an annoyingly large glare of light that distracts the birds from landing. We also installed a dozen bird repellers that use continuously moving arms that prevent large birds like gulls and pigeons from landing. The spinning and sweeping movement scares birds away. The propellers are wind-driven but can also be solar-powered for less breezy areas.  

There was one area of the roof that housed the exhaust stack for the kitchen grill where we could not install these types of devices. The stack was metal and would get quite hot when in use. It would be hazardous to put any devices in the area and they would likely be damaged and rendered ineffective from the intense heat. The birds were attracted to the nearby area surrounding the stack because of its warmth. To prevent birds from landing in this area of the roof, we decided to install bird spikes around the stack where they were roosting. These spikes make the surface impossible for them to land. 

With the installation of these bird repellent devices, the level of bird activity around this facility will be substantially reduced. Cowleys was not about to let these birds ruin this home to so many of our New Jersey veterans who sacrificed so much. We took this particular job personally and wanted to make sure that this beautiful building stayed beautiful. There are plenty of other places along the Jersey Shore for birds to land, nest, and deposit their droppings. We made sure that this VA home was now officially off-limits for these filthy birds.