Do You Know the Five Pest Warning Signs to Look for this Spring?

Do You Know the Five Pest Warning Signs to Look for this Spring? - Image 1

Spring is a time of anticipation. Buds on trees let us know warm weather and long days are just around the corner. Flowers poking out from the ground are a sign that soon our gardens will be full of life. There are other important signs that we should look for in spring, signs that pests could be in our homes. Although we can detect problems in a variety of ways, here are 5 signs that you, as a homeowner, should be on the lookout for:

Wood that sounds hollow: You may feel silly walking around your house tapping your windowsills, but it is a good exercise in pest prevention. Termite infestations will make wood sound hollow when it is tapped. Termites, left unchecked, can be extremely destructive. In fact, it is estimated that every year termites cause almost $5 billion in damages to homes across our country.

Rodent droppings: Mouse droppings are typically dark brown pellet-shaped masses with a pointed end. The average length is less than a quarter-inch so they can be easily overlooked. It would be nice if the spring weather meant that mice would leave your home and find an outdoor shelter, but that doesn’t happen. Mice only leave when you evict them. Mouse droppings are definitely a sign that you could have a pest problem.

Sawdust: Carpenter ants will often leave wood shavings that are so small they look like sawdust. This “sawdust,” called frass, is often found on or near window sills, baseboards, or door jams. If you look carefully you may see the small hole where the sawdust has been pushed out. Carpenter ants are most often drawn to wood that has been softened by moisture or a fungus. With this in mind, take special care to look at any area that might have sustained water damage.

Pepper on your counters: Well, we don’t actually mean pepper, but German cockroach droppings are often described as looking like pepper. Roaches are fond of warm humid places. This means kitchens and bathrooms are often their favorite places in homes. It is possible to have a roach problem even if you don’t see them. Sometimes you must rely on evidence, like their fecal matter.

Buzzing sound: It may be very faint, but do you hear a buzzing sound coming from your walls? If so, this is a definite sign that you need to contact a pest control professional. As kids, we all watched cartoons where bears grabbed honey from inside an old tree. Unfortunately, bees, wasps, & hornets do not just make their homes in the wild. Your walls may look like an attractive spot to create a new hive.

If you see any of these signs you should contact Cowleys ASAP. Although the word pest makes many think that these creatures are just a nuisance, that is not true. Termites and carpenter ants can create serious structural damage to your home. Rodents can cause a myriad of diseases. Cockroaches can exacerbate asthma and stinging insects send hundreds of thousands of people to the ER every year!  

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