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Pest Service Plans Photo Album: Foul odor in Helmetta, NJ home leads inspectors to wildlife in crawl space

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A homeowner in Helmetta contacted Cowleys, complaining of a foul odor permeating his home. Upon arrival, I followed my nose, and determined that the odor was coming from the living room floor. I immediately inspected the crawl space directly below. The smell was so strong that I suspected there may be a rotting animal carcass. Fortunately, during my inspection, I did not find any live or dead animals. However, the crawl space was filled with disease-carrying raccoon droppings and evidence of nesting. By appearances, there was an active gaze of raccoons nesting below and they happened to be out of the home. Raccoons are large, aggressive animals, and, in New Jersey, are the primary carriers of rabies. 

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