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Crawl Space Encapsulation - Crawl space after.

Crawl space after.
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As part of the crawl space renovation work, we installed a heavy-duty tear-resistant 20-mil CleanSpace vinyl liner. It's considered to be the toughest crawl space vapor barrier on the market. To deal with water that inevitably makes its way into the crawl space, especially in a coastal town like Keyport, we replaced two of the sump pumps with our own high-grade pumps. The sump pumps we install as part of our crawl space waterproofing system are built with top-quality motors and components made to handle high water volume and long run times. These pumps also have a battery backup system so they will work when they need to be working - even if the home loses power! There are a few things where it pays off to buy the best, and sump pumps are one of them!