Case Studies

Commercial Pest Services Case Studies: Yuck, clean up that kitchen in Lakehurst, NJ

Saturday, January 26th, 2019 by Brian Ordonez


During a regular inspection and servicing of one of our commercial accounts, a restaurant & bar in Lakehurst, NJ, I came across several problem areas in their kitchen that needed immediate attention. Enforced sanitation and hygiene protocols are essential to keep pests at bay, and prevention is far easier over the long-term than dealing with re-occurring infestations. We work hand-in-hand with our resultant clients to keep their kitchens in tip-top shape.  

With this commercial kitchen, I observed food debris, grease, and dirty, wet unwashed rags. Any of these could be a breeding ground for flies, not to mention attracting ants and rodents. Removing pest attractants and establishing high sanitation standards will go a long way in preventing infestations. Of course, despite one’s best efforts, there can be an infestation, but if these preventative measures are followed, the infestations are usually stay localized, are identified faster, and are easier to treat. 

Here, I also observed that the dishwashing station had areas with cracked or missing tiles. These cracks and gaps allow water and food debris to seep in, which, in turn, can result in a host of problems from mold and mildew build-up to a nasty fruit fly infestation, and even mice foraging for a ready source of food. 


I informed the kitchen staff and management of these problems and the importance of addressing these issues, and made recommendations for a regular daily and weekly cleaning schedule. Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to prevent pest infestations between servicing, and allows us to focus on prevention rather than treating active infestations.