Nuisance Birds Causing a Health Hazard to Residents in Piscataway, NJ

The owner of this commercial building in Piscataway, NJ received several complains from his workers about pigeons roosting in the Rooftop HVAC systems and defecating all over the place. Frustrated, he called Bird Solutions by Cowleys and we were sent out. When we inspected the HVAC systems, we found large amounts of bird droppings, nesting debris, and feathers throughout the areas. This isn’t only a health hazard to everyone inside the building, but this also presents a slip, trip, fall hazard to the workers.

In order to exclude the pigeons from these areas, we installed bird netting over the top and underneath the HVAC systems. In order make sure the bird netting is secured, we used a stainless steel cable with net spikes and anchored it into the walls. We then locked the cables in place using copper ferrules and then installed turnbuckles which tighten the cable. 

Bird Netting is a 3/4 inch, heavy duty polyethylene net that is used to humanely block the pigeons as well as all nuisance birds from entering the HVAC systems. It creates an impenetrable barrier that denies all nuisance birds the access to this area and removes their landing areas.

They’ll fly around, realize they can't enter, and move on. The bottom portion of the bird netting is weighted, so that the maintenance team an have easy access to the roof. Another bonus is that the bird netting is almost invisible, unless you take a real close look. Now the rooftop HVAC systems are properly excluded from all nuisance birds. 

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