Mice Park in Garage in Asbury Park, NJ

One of my long-time commercial buildings in Asbury Park, NJ was concerned about a possible rodent issue in their parking garage. A very concerned tenant in the building had reported a mouse running around the parking garage. It was a rather traumatizing situation for the woman. I knew just what to do when I was asked. By placing rodent stations around the interior of the garage, the mice will have plenty of dry bait to eat. Mice love the formulation of the rodenticide that we use, it's full of seeds and other attractants that mice and rats love to consume. Placing the stations as close to their points of entry as possible will ensure that the rodents get their full of the bait immediately upon entering the garage. It's important to anchor the stations where they are placed so they do not get moved, stolen or broken. It's also required by the NJDEP to secure all rodent stations so they can not be tampered with. In compliance with the guidelines, I secured all of the rodent stations around the interior of the garage. By placing multiple stations along the interior perimeter we providing enough bait for rodents if they enter other areas of the structure. I'll be looking forward to Inspecting the stations in the upcoming weeks.