Mice Sneak into Homeowners Basement in Dayton, NJ

Have you ever been cleaning up your basement and discovered rodent droppings? If so, you're definitely not alone! A new client in Dayton, NJ called Cowley’s when she made that discovery in her basement. She wanted to know how they were getting into the basement and how long they’ve been there. 

When I arrived at her home she led me to the basement and showed me her grizzly discovery. There was a substantial amount of rodent droppings on the floor in the corner. Mixed in with the rodent droppings were some acorn shells that mice like to feed on. The best thing to do in these situations is to inspect the immediate areas first. I shut off the basement lights which was somewhat confusing to the homeowner, but she quickly realized why I did that when I pointed out the area directly above the droppings where an air-conditioning line was coming into the house. Around that air-conditioning line was a bright light shining through from the outside. 

I grabbed my ladder and began looking up on the sill plate — low and behold more droppings were visible! I inspected the surrounding perimeter of the basement and found no other openings. I advised our new client that I would be setting up some interior rodent bait stations as well as an exterior rodent station directly on the opposite side of the wall where the droppings were found. I also advised the client that I would be staffing the openings with a copper mesh that rodents can’t stand. They don’t like the sensation of the copper mesh in their mouth when they try to chew through it. Once the interior was complete it was time to move to the outside. On the exterior of the home, I stuffed two copper mesh around the pipes in the area creating a solid barrier that would deter rodents from entering. I also installed a large exterior bait station beneath the openings in case the rodents decided to come back. The rodents will feed on the rodenticide that is in the bait station, carry it back to their nest and then it’s lights out. The client was extremely satisfied with the service and thanked me multiple times for saving her life. We both left and I told her that if she needed anything else to not hesitate and call us.