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Photo Album: Bat exclusion & removal in Monmouth Beach, NJ

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We were called to provide a bat service at a beautiful Monmouth Beach home built by an architect. The owners reported seeing several bats inside the house over the past 2 years. This house has many angles and levels creating quite a challenge for us. Several other wildlife control companies tried to do the exclusion work but failed. The problem is that ladders alone can't get the techs into the areas needed. Experience told me we could only accomplish this job with a lift, and knowing how to drive the lift on their beautiful lawn without damaging it was critical. This is where my knowledge separates me from most other wildlife control specialists. 

The first thing we do in this situation is a full inspection to locate the points of entry and evidence of bat problems, such as damage to the home exterior. Usually the bats may stay in the wall or in the attic and look for nesting spots, but these bats may not have been able to find what they were looking for, so none set up housekeeping. We inspected all the typical areas and didn’t see any evidence of bat nesting or bat droppings. What we did see was dozens of entry points on the exterior and using a variety of exclusionary materials such as caulking or foam, we permanently sealed up this beautiful home. And as you can see by the photos, we left no damage on the lawn.

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