There are 3 Key Elements That Need to Be Included in Your Spring Clean-Up This Year

There are 3 Key Elements That Need to Be Included in Your Spring Clean-Up This Year - Image 1


Although there are some days that make us believe that winter still has a stronghold on our area, spring is most definetly here. Spring is a great time to spruce-up and make improvements to your yard. There are a myriad of projects you can do to make your yard look nicer, but there are three projects you should actually undertake to make your property safer.

There is a chance that you already did the first key spring cleanup project way back in the fall, but if you didn’t, the time to do it is right now. The project is leaf litter cleanup. Sometimes the fall just gets to hectic with family commitments (or football) and your leaves blow to one side of the yard and stay there throughout the winter. Although some people don’t see an aesthetic problem with leaf piles, there is an issue with them from a health perspective. Blacklegged ticks find leaf piles to be an excellent place to live and breed. It is important to take precautions when cleaning leaf litter, especially in the spring. The spring is when many ticks are in their nymph stage. At this point they are so small they are very hard to see. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your body when you come in from doing yard work. Because of the serious nature of the diseases ticks can spread, it is a good idea to both remove tick breeding grounds as well as hire Cowleys to protect your yard from ticks throughout the summer.

The next clean-up task also involves getting rid another prime breeding ground; this time it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. When leaves or other debris pile up in your gutters they create a wonderful breeding ground for mosquitoes. When gutters are clogged, small puddles form. Did you know that it only takes a quarter inch of water for many mosquitoes to lay their eggs? Although removing excess materials from your gutters will not make your yard look any nicer, it will make it more enjoyable. With less mosquitoes hatching, your deck and yard will be much more enjoyable come late spring and summer.

The last spring clean-up project will not only make your yard look nicer, it will also make your home healthier. Trees and bushes are beautiful, but trees and bushes that are too close to your house create a virtual highway for any number of pests, and even nuisance wildlife, to enter. From tiny ants, to relatively large squirrels, animals use limbs to gain access to your home. The shape in which you trim your trees and bushes is totally up to you, but if you want to help ensure that your foliage can not be used as a gateway, you should keep all branches at least two feet away from your house; this includes branches that are near your roof. Although a minimum of two feet is suggested, a larger gap is preferred.

These spring projects will help keep the pests at bay, but if you do have a pest problem, either inside your house or in your yard, contacting Cowleys is a good idea. We can get the problem taken care of quickly so you can go back to enjoying your spring and summer.

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