Vacation Property Pest Control in the Off-Season


The Jersey Shore is covered in vacation homes and rental properties of all kinds despite the relatively short summer season. Many of our customers are owners of these homes and work hard to maintain them— from landscaping and plumbing to HVAC and pest control, it all matters and affects rental value. So while your vacation homes are empty and all of the vacationers have left the shore, take the opportunity to prepare for next season with proper pest control services.

There are few things more off-putting in a rental than a pest problem. Whether it's cockroaches in the pantry, termites in the wood deck, or rodents in the walls, renters will take notice and be sure to avoid that property next time around. Even if you treat your home for pests in between bookings, the sight of a pest control truck outside your property is not reassuring to potential renters. That's why we think fall and winter are the perfect time to protect your home from pests and prevent infestations wherever possible— before they become a problem.

To help overwinter your home and prevent infestations, follow these tips:

  • Seal exterior openings, gaps, and cracks
  • Remove all food while you're away
  • Deep clean before closing for winter
  • Remove clutter indoors and outside
  • Keep yard/vegetation trimmed low
  • Store firewood away from the home's exterior
  • Ensure garage/doors seal flush to the ground
  • Call a professional to rule out or eradicate current infestations

Effective pest control is a year-round effort, even in New Jersey where winter temperatures can plummet to freezing. The off-season is the most ideal time to perform vacation home maintenance, of course, but at Cowleys Pest Services we know pests never take a day off. That's why we offer three tiers of our pest control service plans with scheduled services at opportune times of the year. When you sign up for our service plans, you'll know exactly when to expect us in the spring, summer, and fall. This will allow you to potentially block off certain days to allow for thorough pest control services without unexpected interruption to your guests.

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