Pests don't Care about COVID-19

Pests don\'t Care about COVID-19 - Image 1

As we get closer to opening the economy back up, I feel a responsibility, as a pest control service provider, to share my observations and concerns.

Please understand that regardless of the social disruption, pest management is an essential service. There is no arguing against science. Cockroaches, rats, ants, bed bugs, and mice do not care about our efforts to respond to the pandemic. They will continue to seek entry, exploit resources, damage structures, and goods, contaminate their environments and most important, reproduce.

Operations may be closed, but pests are still active and if they are forced to seek new resource sites an empty, quiet facility would allow populations to spread unopposed. 

Tips to Prevent Pests from Entering your Business

  1. Check for gaps, cracks, and holes: Holes and cracks that seem small and insignificant to us are, for rodents, the entrance to paradise. A rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter; a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pencil, and tiny insects can enter through the smallest of cracks. It's imperative to thoroughly inspect your property for any gaps.

  2. Patch It: Patch small holes that often appear around windows and doors with a premium, waterproof adhesive. For larger spaces, such as gaps around utility pipes that run into buildings, plug the holes with chew-proof, stainless steel mesh.

  3. Eliminate areas of moisture: Ants and other pests enter structures in search of moisture. Make sure that there are no leaky pipes, A/C units, or pools of moisture in your building — and if there is, fix it immediately.

  4. Keep a Lid on the Trash: Make sure trash and recyclable receptacles are cleaned regularly, stored at least 10 feet from your building, and are not damaged. 

Following these tips is a great way to prevent rodents and pests from entering your facility. However, if you do experience a pest or rodent issue, we are here to support you. 

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