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Paul Witkowski

Cowleys Pest Services

Title: Pest Control Technician

Hometown: Howell

Paul Witkowski from Cowleys Pest Services
Paul, a Howell resident, joined Cowleys in 2017 as a pest control technician. He is  trained “the Cowleys way,” learning how to do pest control correctly and efficiently from the ground up. Paul is very handy and is comfortable working with heavy equipment. Prior to joining Cowleys, he worked for over two decades as a forklift operator, and also worked in general contracting doing home improvement and painting.
Paul was looking for a change in careers and an opportunity where he could interact with home and business owners and help them deal with their pest control issues. He’s already worked with a number of our pest control and wildlife technicians, and has seen the excitement and unpredictability that goes on in the field, and the daily challenges they face. He is especially looking forward to spring and summer insect busy season when the bugs are out in full force. Paul has already demonstrated that he has no problems getting into the thick of things with wildlife, an innate quality that’s not trainable -- you either have it or don’t. Paul is receiving training to work as both a pest control and wildlife technician, and he is working hard to become a NJDEP certified applicator 
 In his spare time, Paul loves music. He plays the guitar and enjoys going to concerts whenever he can. Paul lives a quiet life that doesn’t require expensive hobbies. He appreciates whatever time he is able to spend with family and friends, and one of his favorite forms of relaxation is the simple act of taking his loyal dog on long, quiet walks.
Customer Reviews
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  • By John C.
    Spring Lake Hts, NJ

    "i don 't remember-----paul recently and all past tech's & phone rep's are always great"

    Customer Review

    By John C.
    Spring Lake Hts, NJ

    i don 't remember-----paul recently and all past tech's & phone rep's are always great

  • By Sal L.
    Bradley Beach, NJ

    Customer Review

    By Sal L.
    Bradley Beach, NJ

from customers I've helped!
  • "Paul introduced himself and..." Read Full Testimonial

    Geri S. of Jackson, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Went to work immediately. He was very pleasant!
    Geri S.
    Jackson, NJ
  • "Cowley"s Service is top notch! Paul left..." Read Full Testimonial

    Eileen N. of Brick, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Me a voicemail with details on exactly what services he performed. I am a detail oriented person, so the extra info that was provided is always greatly appreciated!
    Eileen N.
    Brick, NJ
  • "My wife and I are beyond happy with the services..." Read Full Testimonial

    George L. of Matawan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              From Paul. Thanks for getting rid of the ants and bees!
    George L.
    Matawan, NJ
  • "Paul was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He took his time to do the service and would..." Read Full Testimonial

    James M. of Manasquan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              I am extremely pleased with Paul's work and his service. Paul was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He took his time to do the service and would recommend Cowley's anytime.
    James M.
    Manasquan, NJ
  • "Paul was great..." Read Full Testimonial

    Virginia J. of Manasquan, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Very thorough and polite!
    Virginia J.
    Manasquan, NJ
  • "Paul is so nice, I am so happy with his work." Read Full Testimonial

    Louis C. of Neptune, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Paul is so nice, I am so happy with his work. Denise was so patient with me and explaining everything so thoroughly.
    Louis C.
    Neptune, NJ
  • "Paul was thorough..." Read Full Testimonial

    Thomas M. of Ocean, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              Professional and knowledgable.
    Thomas M.
    Ocean, NJ
  • "We have been contracted with Cowley's for a number of years..." Read Full Testimonial

    Sharon H. of Oceanport, NJ

    Customer Testimonial

              We have been contracted with Cowley's for a number of years, in different houses and find their service to be prompt, courteous and importantly effective.
    Sharon H.
    Oceanport, NJ

Videos from projects I was involved with:

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Ants Are Out of Control in Manasquan, NJ

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Keeping Mice Out of the House in East Brunswick, NJ
    Keeping Mice Out of the House in East Brunswick, NJ

    Keeping Mice Out of the House in East Brunswick, NJ

    Here are some “before and after” exclusion pictures that I had taken as part of a job to resolve a mouse infestation for a homeowner in East Brunswick, NJ. When dealing with rodents, it is critical to determine how they are gaining access inside the home. You can go ahead and set up bait traps and apply applications to deal with the mice inside the home, but to permanently resolve the problem and prevent re-infestations, you need to locate the entry points used by the mice to gain access into the home. Sometimes you know they are actual entry points because of nearby rodent activity near the gap or crack. For example, if you find tiny, dark pellet-like droppings or smelly urine near the gap or crack, you are pretty much guaranteed that some mice availed themselves of the opening to gain access into the home. Other times during the inspection, the technician may find potential entry points that need to be sealed. 

    Finding the gaps and cracks can sometimes be a challenge. Mice are tiny creatures and they can fit through a hole the size of a dime. A good inspection requires a thorough visual of the home’s entire foundation. Often, mice enter into the crawl space or attic and then use wall voids to maneuver their way around the home, eventually making their way to the kitchen to forager for food. Sometimes, the gaps are small and it takes a lot of detective work to find them. However, there are occasions where you’ll find a huge gap that for a mouse would be the equivalent of the Holland tunnel! That was the case here. With this home, there was a huge gap around a utility pipe entering the home. The gaps around pipes and wiring entering the home are always treated as one of the “usual suspects” to check when looking for rodent entry points. Here, you can see the large gap around the pipe.

    To seal this gap, I filled it with chew-proof copper mesh. Rodents are persistent creatures that can tear and chew there way through many materials. For example, using caulk to close gaps is never enough. With the copper mesh firmly in place, this access point for mice has been permanently blocked.

  • Wasps Frighten Oakhurst, NJ Family
    Wasps Frighten Oakhurst, NJ Family

    Wasps Frighten Oakhurst, NJ Family

    Recently, I was sent to treat and remove a paper wasp nest for a homeowner in Oakhurst, NJ.  

    Paper wasps have that typical appearance we associate with wasps — a slender waist and long legs. They are called “paper” wasps because of how they build their nests. These wasps gather fibers from plant material and mix it with their saliva to make a brown or grey papery material for nest-building. They will build a small paper nest with a single tier of open cells to lay their eggs and rear their young. The nest has no external covering and looks like an umbrella, (that’s why paper wasps are sometimes called umbrella wasps). These nests are commonly attached to the underside of some structure by a short stalk.  

    Paper wasps, like any social insect, live in large colonies with a queen and the supporting workers that keep the colony thriving. Other social wasps that we regularly receive calls for are hornets, and yellow jackets. Although paper wasps are considered less aggressive than these other wasps that’s of little consolidation to anyone stung by one of these guys! Any wasp will aggressively defend its nest if it perceives someone as a threat, so a wasp nest that’s in an area where people are regularly walking to and from is a potential hazard that must be removed. If a nest is located somewhere on the property where it’s out of the way and not likely to be disturbed, I recommend to just leave it alone. Wasps can be beneficial insects by reducing other insect populations on the property.

    For this nest, I used a quick knock-down aerosol and then removed the nest. These stinging insect jobs are particularly rewarding to me because I know that I likely prevented some awfully painful stings.