Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Mice control and removal for Dayton, NJ home

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 by Bill Cowley


A Cowleys residential inspector visited a homeowner in Dayton after she had contacted us about a problem with mice inside her home. After a thorough inspection, our inspector determined that a major point of access for mice into the home was through the laundry room. Shortly thereafter, I was sent out to resolve the infestation and seal up any observed potential entry points. Finding these areas of entry into the home is a challenge when it comes to mice. They can enter through the tiniest of gaps, holes, and cracks. Because of their size, all they need is a hole about the size of a dime.


Following up on the inspector’s report, I started my inspection in the laundry room where I found a half-inch gap in the baseboard behind the washer and dryer. I sealed the hole with chew-proof copper mesh. Mice usually make their way to the kitchen when foraging for food, so I continued with my inspection in that area of the home. Sure enough, I found rodent droppings in the kitchen underneath the stove and sink. I sealed those points of entry with mesh as well. I continued my inspection around the home’’s exterior perimeter, and sealed all visible points of entry to prevent mice from entering the home in the future.

However, I still needed to resolve the current mouse infestation. I set up rodent bait stations in all of the locations where there was evidence of mouse activity or where they were likely accessing the home. These areas included the  laundry room, garage, utility shed, and the two below-grade areas. This particular home had both a basement and crawlspace area. Before leaving, I set up a standard two-week follow-up service call. 

During these follow-ups, I re-inspect to determine if there is still active mouse activity, and also inspect the bait stations to determine where the mice were most active. Good news! When I arrived for the follow-up, the homeowner informed me that she had not heard or seen anything mouse-related in the two weeks since I was last there. I inspected the bait stations, and found some mouse activity exactly where I suspected it would be — in the utility shed, kitchen, basement, and crawl space. I replaced the bait as needed. This bait has a delayed effect and after ingesting it, mice tend to leave the home before dying. However, sometimes they will die inside. During this follow-up, I found two dead mice in the basement, and immediately removed them from the home. 

Finally, I let the homeowner know that we were not done. A Cowleys technician would inspect the bait stations once again when we returned for the exterior spring service. However, I told her that if she observes mouse activity or signs of mouse activity, to contact us immediately. Based on the significant reduction in mouse activity during the follow-up, I’m confident that her mouse problem has been successfully resolved and there won’t be any more surprise visits from these little creatures.