Case Studies

Cowleys Pest Services Case Studies: Exterminators in Jackson, NJ

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019 by Dave Wilson


A homeowner in Jackson, NJ called Cowleys after noticing small holes in his living room wall under a window. The homeowner was afraid that he might have termites, so he called up Cowleys for help.

Once I arrived I began inspecting the holes in the wall in the living room. I knew that these holes were created by a wood destroying insect and I had a strong suspicion that it was termites, but wasn't 100% sure until I completed my inspection. Unfortunately, my suspicions and the homeowner's fears were confirmed when a termite swarmer emerged from the hole!

Termite swarmers are winged termites whose sole purpose in life is to expand their colonies. Although they are a nuisance, termite swarmers aren’t the ones that cause damage to your home, that’s done by the workers. Termite swarmers need soil to build their future colonies and will typically die if they cannot escape from your house. After leaving their nest, the winged termites gather in the air and mate with termites of the same species from other colonies. After they have successfully mated, the termites land, shed their wings, and start the process of creating a new colony.


For treatment, I injected a termiticide foam directly into the interior wall void. Next, since termites live beneath the soil and enter your home below the ground level of the dirt, I drilled into the concrete and injected a liquid termiticide application into the ground so that the termites will come into contact with the product. 

Both the foam and liquid application binds to the treated area and creates a protective zone that termites cannot detect. Termites will either ingest the application or come in contact with it as they go about their normal routines. The applications will then spread like a virus throughout the colony and in a short amount of time, the termites are gone!